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The idea behind X5s started with a Christmas gift; a small 66 key Casio synthesizer which later became the building block for my love of creating music. I work with a variety of virtual synths (VST's) across different digital audio workstations (DAW's). Till the CD "Bullet Rosette" FL Studio was the only DAW being used but now I use both FL Studio and Ableton Live.

I have gone through many transformations with musical style; from cheesy happy hardcore to game music and from classical to electronica. At this current time I do not belong to any particular genre but instead makes music which blurs the lines between multiple genres. I'm originally from Lake Elsinore, California but currently live in the San Diego, California area.

My influences are mainly bands from the 80's but many other artists and bands from various genres have made an impact. In no particular order: Infected Mushroom, Bloom 06, Eiffel 65, Misted Muppet, MindInABox, Gammer, InEffect, UFO, DNA, Sy, Unknown, Fracus, Resist, Inpact, Hixxy, Scott Brown, CLSM, Cube::Hard, Darwin, S3RL and such from the UK Hardcore genre and Goa/Psytrance genre have all created some type of inspiration or appreciation towards electronic music. This is also not an exhaustive list as I don't really update this part of the site often.

I have been making music since 2003 and hope that you enjoy both my past and current songs. I generally see music as an art form and with that view I tend to experiment a lot with various ideas and emotions. Thanks for reading!


If you would like to contact me then please do so through email (x5s[at]x5smedia.com) or via bandcamp / soundcloud.