News & Updates

It's been a while.

Wow, three years have gone by from the last time some news was posted. I've been a little active on twitter but social media is still something I shy away from.

As you may (or may not) have seen the new album "Phase G2" is due for release on November 14th 2017! It will be available on all major download stores and up for streaming on both Spotify and Apple music. A lot has changed this time around - I've taken some interesting turns and started to reign in on the length of each track. I'm rather interested in telling a story efficiently these days when it comes to music so that is a big change from giving out 1min+ intros.

Phase G2 will hopefully bring a smile to your face as it dances around some of the larger genres will still keeping one foot grounded in good ol' fashion X5s land. Now the next CD I'm working on will probably be a bit more shocking and I certainly hope that's for the better. I'll announce more (probably via Twitter) after I have a few tracks under my belt.

I hope you are looking forward to the release of "Phase G2"! I'm incredibly excited to be back out there and I hope any fans reading this are just as excited!

October 27th 2017

Here we go!

The worldwide release date for "Phase G1" is on July 25th, 2014. Almost every digital download store will have a copy and links to said stores will be provided on the main page of our website.

I hope you enjoy the new CD, it's been a crazy past few months but after four years we are back!

July 23rd 2014

More Free Things!

Another day another track. "Polaris" is another new track that has been added to the list of free ones being given away currently. In celebration of Anime Expo "Polaris" will be free (along with the other tracks) till July 7th. Check Soundcloud / Bandcamp or the home page for download links and a preview stream.

July 3rd 2014

The Return

After we attempted to set the world record for longest delay between news posts we have finally returned. Life certainly got in the way of things over the past four years but now that things are slowing down and the creativity is once again flowing we decided that it was time to get back on track.

Today we are releasing two songs from the upcoming album Phase G1 which will be available practically everywhere (in digital form) at the end of July. The two tracks are completely free but only for a limited time! After this weekend each song will cost an incredible $0.99. Save yourself and your friend two dollars, you earned it.

More news and previews to come - check out our Soundcloud for the most recent updates, piano scores and work in progress samples as we finish up this amazing CD.

You may be asking yourself "Why the hell did you name a track 'Pistol-whip The Neon Tiger'"? The short answer is that it came about as a joke with some friends at work. The idea of making such a unique phrase a track name was easy.

The amazing artwork for "The Return" was done by Crystal Cornejo, check out her stuff over at DeviantArt.

June 13th 2014

Absence, Nyan Cat Remix and our next CD

It has been over a year from our last release (and news post) but things are still moving along despite the silence. Due to recent unforeseen issues most of our music production was halted for the first half of this year, but things are about to change!

Nyan Cat Remix!
A remix of the popular internet meme Nyan Cat (to continue with our trend; see Hal Turner, Paul Fetch etc..) from X5s will soon be hitting Youtube is now on Youtube! If you have been following our soundcloud account several "rough cuts" had been uploaded, along with some work in progress songs. We are proud to announce that this remix will be freely available for download. There are also plans to create and release samples for other artists to use.

When is your next CD coming out!?
Currently we have 2 tracks in post-production and 3 tracks finished (Nyan Cat Remix, Bomb Toss 2011, and another unnamed track). Which brings us to a total of 5 tracks. Of course this is not nearly enough to fill an entire CD so we are currently getting ourselves back on track to start producing more songs. A release date is not known at this time and may unfortunately spill over into early 2012. We encourage you to keep checking back on us every now and again (or following us on twitter) for work in progress posts and updates.

We would like to thank our current fans once again for their continued support and would also like to welcome any new fans brought here by our Nyan Cat Remix!

August 17th 2011